Lynelle Forrest is a Palm Beach-based artist whose work has percolated in the local underground for years and just now is breaking through to mainstream recognition. Her studio reflects her hyperactive mind, its surfaces strewn with the tools of her trade and her aesthetic preferences, from sculptural files and scrapers and a mini Apple computer to wonderful design books—Miami architecture, Japanese pop culture–and pin-up calendars. Out of this ferment comes work of elegance and depth, with a recurring interest in multiple perspectives—visual, psychological, technological and existential. Gabe Lazlo – Closer Magazine – South FL Arts 2008

Another artist who turns to her childhood for inspiration is Lake Worth’s Lynelle Forrest, whose plastic assemblage “God Could Not Be Everywhere …” is a square latticework of action figures bound with plastic. The G.I. Joes, Mr. Incredible and interactive Iron Man (press the button on his chest to hear his heroic catchphrases) have been painted black, devoid of their signature red and camouflage colors. Forrest, born with Asperger syndrome, says in her artist statement that the nostalgic toys are painted this way to address her real-life “difficulty with facial recognition.”

“Because it’s all contained within a square frame, and because she’s trying to remove nostalgia in childhood toys,” Nguyen says. “Now, they look like these chaotic pieces with plastic break-off points.” – By Phillip Valys, ShowTime Broward – August 8, 2014

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“The RetroJetro Project of Lake Worth was started in 2014 and continues. I am discovering more and more abouut art and people with this project as it expands from my neighborhood to the rest of the country.”

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