“Because it’s all contained within a square frame, and because she’s trying to remove nostalgia in childhood toys,” Nguyen says. “Now, they look like these chaotic pieces with plastic break-off points.” – By Phillip Valys, ShowTime Broward – SouthFlorida.com August 8, 2014

In the artist’s words “The once discarged icons are now devoid of color to emphasize their true textures. It’s possible that many observers share the challenges of recognition when these nostalgic objects are removed from familiar context and painted in uniform with neutral black.”

“However, as I watched many visitors pause, and squint at the camouflaged icons, it seemed that people yearned to find familiarity. I learned that the shapes and the shadows can bring us to a memory. Oddly, we can transport back to a moment with a simple sound or fragrance and, yes, even with a hint of nostalgia. And I wonder, is that why they speak out loud the stories and the expressions of discovery as they trace a path though my art with their fingers.”  

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It’s Suntory Time

The Wayback Machine – Harold Golen Gallery

February 08, 2014 through March 01, 2014  

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Lushish Larry

Hand carved elements with found objects.

March 2014 through December 2015 

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